Fun is the main objective, be fit is incidental!

Your goal is to be a better YOU, physically and mentally.  Our goal is to guide you into the best YOU you can be.  You've taken yourself as far as you can go for now?  Let us inspire you into new possibilities for yourself!  Put your health and fitness in our more than capable hands and care, in the absolutely most fun programs where you will have so much fun that you'll accidentally get fit!

Amanda Jenkins rig

This is not a normal gym, it’s an Otherworld!

We are more than just a gym

Otherworld OCR is a robust training facility that suits EVERYONE’S fitness goal.  While we specialize in obstacle training, our Otherworldly staff strives to help everyone reach their fitness goal.  Our team of experienced and passionate coaches care about teaching and guiding you the right way into your fitness journey to express the best of YOU!  With our combination of:

  • personalized coaching approach,
  • small size classes,
  • diversified modalities and methodologies (i.e. weight lifting, obstacles, running, CrossFit, mobility, etc),
  • and a community with strong support.

our mission

Build a healthy community of no limit individuals that challenge and overcome obstacles on the course and in life.

our passion

To be the reason for positive change in people's lives and to be a continuing contributor in improving those lives.

our specialty

Sport Specific training for Obstacle Course Racing enhanced by league competition and a supportive community.

Ninjas Like Peanut Butter Too - Open House/Ninja Charity Event

Otherworld OCR's Core Values


Enable and encourage athletes of all ages and levels to overcome physical and mental obstacles in life and on the course.


Coaching should be fun, flexible, innovative, and effective.


Everyone, no matter the level, was born to be a Rock Star.  Be an integral part of their journey to become one.


Perceverance is required.


Our accomplishments are only credentials.  Success is successful members.


Our team is open, honest, persistent, and focused on success for all.