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OCR is the acronym for Obstacle Course Racing. Ever heard of mud runs, rope climb, Spartan Race, monkey bars and Tough Mudder? Otherworld OCR specializes in obstacle and Ninja Warrior™ training. It is not your typical gym. This Otherworld is the difference you seek to be fit for life and have fun everyday. It is a community where coaches provide you with a safe and empowering environment to become the man or woman you were meant to be.

When thinking of joining a new gym, there are those guys and gals who love to tell you all about their trademarked name gym that no one is allowed to say, bootcamp gyms, and traditional gyms. Our goal is to bring the fun back to training and get you to build a lifelong habit. And if you’re preparing for an obstacle course race, look no further than Otherworld OCR!

Obstacles do not block The path,
They are the path.

Otherworld OCR’s coaches are certified and experienced in training both youth and adults and have a wealth of experience in the competitive racing field.

sq feet.
Biggest indoor Platinum Rig in the USA
New to obstacles or to the gym environment?
Nervous and excited but don’t know where to start?
We're reaching out, take a hold of our hand.
Are you ready for a breakthrough? Join the tribe, let's talk about a membership that fits your needs and objectives.
We offer an array of options from Youth programs, League play, Barbell seminars, Running clubs and Mobility clinics.
Competitions, celebrations, special workouts, games, social occasions.
“It wasn’t just about ninja warrior. It was about getting strong enough to prevent injuries in the future. I was amazed to see how as I increased my strength, I got so much better at everything. Things that seemed hard or impossible became easy.”
-Jessie Graff
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What our tribe
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Maria A. H.

I have never been interested in fitness, gyms or anything else! It was hard for me to remain consistent and committed to the process until I met Tim and Hélène owners of Otherworld OCR… the experience has been unique and exciting! They have pushed me, inspired me, motivated me and believed in me! If you want your workout to be fun, energetic and with amazing coaches you have find the right place! Give them a chance and allow them to change your life the way they have changed mine.

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Robb W.

Otherworld is not your franchised 50 treadmills lined up in a row kind of gym. Or a cookie cutter box gym. They have all of what those other guys have… Plus a grown-ups playground of second to none obstacles!

But where they really excel is in the people and coaching. While being elite in their field, great teachers and super qualified; Hélène and Tim are just good people who really care about their “tribe”.

They have challenged me and come along side of me more times than I can count and I would not be where I am with them… And I’m really looking forward to reaching the next level with their help.

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Rick R.

I’m pleased I signed up with Otherworld OCR. I’ve found their unique obstacle component of fitness training to instill a goal-oriented determination to my workouts. With the skills training that complements my workouts, I’ve already successfully jumped, climbed, and traversed obstacles I used to fear. I used to make time for the gym, now I look forward to it. Tim and Hélène have created something special here.

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West C.

I think otherworld OCR is fabulous, and packs a large number of obstacles and challenges into an indoor facility! It’s a great place to learn, practice, and hone your skills to get ready for that next obstacle course race!

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Kathy W.

My name is Kathy Winter and I work as a firefighter/paramedic and critical care flight paramedic. I also love obstacle course racing and endurance & trail racing. I chose to train at Otherworld OCR after my experience at OCR Unleashed, the outdoor facility started by Otherworld’s founder. There is a palpable energy to Otherworld unlike any place in which I’ve ever been. The background experience, knowledge and passion of the coaches makes you want to keep coming back. Mind you, I live over an hour away, so that speaks volumes about this place & people! Nowhere else has the variety of obstacles and traditional training equipment. My profession is my passion and depends on me having a strong, functionally fit body. I train for that here along with my fellow “tribe members”.

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Steve M.

-retired Marine Corps Communications Officer; Cyber Security Consultant

Otherworld OCR has the most expansive indoor training area in the DC region. Their obstacles replicate obstacle course races so nothing is left to chance on race day.

The coaches are fun, inspirational, and understand training for the long term They help you progress steadily while ensuring your base is built to keep you healthy in the long run. You’ll be prepared for anything you face!