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We have different lever of memberships and packages available depending on what you want.


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Whether you are looking for group learning or some one-on-one coaching, we have all the options you could dream of to help elevate you to an Otherworld!


Functional OCR

Designed by certified SGX Spartan coaches, our classes are robust and exciting functional training for all levels, elite athlete or complete beginner. They address the wide variety of fitness requirement for Obstacle Course Racing, including core and grip strength, along with obstacle technique, and some running skills. Group training gives you the support that helps keep you accountable!

Weight for It

Led by coach Tim, former body building competitor, this class is tailored to get you the body you seek to have!

Raise the Bar

Train side-by-side with coach Hélène, CrossFit Level 2 trainer. This class teaches you all the cool barbell movements that will get you fit, strong, efficient and, as a side effect, you may end up looking pretty good.



Open Gym

Work on your weaknesses, perfect your strengths, and play as much as you want with all the obstacles and “toys” we have in the gym. The playground is yours!

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Corporate Team Building

Physical team building activities enable team members to gain immediate feedback on how well they are doing. It requires and tests their leadership, coordination, trust and communication. It develops teamwork and promotes the growth of a strong esprit de corps. We guide each group (16 persons maximum per group) through a 45-60 minute session especially tailored for the fitness level of your team.

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OCR League Play

Elevating yourself to the next level is hard to do on your own. Competition and support breeds success, our Leagues are designed to give you just that. Regardless of skill level or experience, we have the perfect fit to help push your fitness to an Otherworld!

Open League

For those just entering the sport or still working on perfecting their technical skills.

Competitive League

For those who want to prove to their friends they are the baddest around.

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GoRuck Training

Test yourself with the same mental and physical endurance training as taught by Special Forces in the civilian GoRuck. We are an Official GoRuck Training Partner.

2-hour ETS
6-hour DFQ

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Personal Training

Are you ready to advance to the next level with major leaps? Ready to really get to work? Get the personal attention of one of our experienced coaches who will build a program just for you. This is where the magic happens. Make an appointment with a coach.

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Youngsters' Program

This class is a blend of functional fitness, fun agility games and obstacle challenges, which is a real confidence building program. Get fit while learning to overcome mental and physical obstacles while sharing in esprit-de-corps with fellow rising ninja stars!

Age: 11 to 16. Exceptions can be made. Meet with our coaching staff to better assess what is your next step.

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